Craigallan 1897 - 1912

Early History of Craigallan by Jan Manos

On 12Jun07 Jan MANOS and Eric JOHNSON from Dallas TX (Great grandchildren of Angus ROBERTSON, who built Craigallan in 1897) visited the hut and had some very interesting discussions with Gordon Adshead and Roger Booth.
Janice presented us with an 18-page document containing photos and stories of Craigallan and the Robertson family who first lived there before they emigrated to Canada in 1912.

We also looked at the 1901 census record to learn that at this time there were 10 people living in the house !
Angus ROBERTSON 29 Stonemason and his wife Mary 30 with three of their 6 children William 5, Angus 3 and Anne 1
together with Granny Jessie 47 and her second husband William YOUNG 51 Stone Cutter and his brother Duncan 46 Blacksmith
and two lodgers John JOHNSTON 29 Railway Controller's cashier and David ROSE 29 Civil Engineer.

I have also included some correspondence between Roger Booth and Nelson BLACK   the husband of Connee ROBERTSON.  Connee is a grandaughter of Angus ROBERTSON on a different branch (daughter of Hugh):   Some of this information is a little less reliable.

I have also used the Census data for 1841,1851,1861,1871,1881 and 1891 to get a good idea of some of the ancestors of Angus and Mary going back two generations,   See RobertsonCensus.xls.

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CA001 Craigallan in approx 1902 3.9M

CA002 History of CA written by Beth wife of Angus jnr

CA003 cont

CA004 How CA got its name

CA005 cont

CA006 How Angus jnr cut his lip

CA007 Another Angus story

CA008 Angus - Glen Walk

CA009 Family photo Angus & Mary with all 6 children

CA010 List of Family Members

CA011 Angus and Mary in ~1900 and ~1930

CA012 Granny Jessie

CA013 Photos of the boys

CA014 Photos of the girls

CA015 Schools at Balachuilish

CA016 Craigallan in approx 1912, Granny and Shenny plus Monkey Puzzle trees 1.0M  12.3M

CA017 back of CA with outside stairs approx 1912; railway is visible 8.2M

CA018 Many thanks to Jan Manos for this information

AR001 Census Record for CA in 1901

AR002 Census Record for CA in 1901 part2

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