Judy & Gordon visit Diffryn Tywi

Lisa's New Horse Clinic 23Apr06

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We nip up a Welsh Hill (Camlo) on the way South


Pant Y Dderwen

Harry on Sealeah with Meg arrive back from a ride up the hill

Through the Gate

The New Horse Box

Is well inspected

Harry had just built a new garden bench

The bench fits in well in the Back Garden

Lisa's New Van

The Vetinary Partners

The Drug store

More Drugs

The Office

Sit here while the bill is being produced

The fascinating Structure of a Horse's Leg

First restrain your Horse

Quite a Strong Structure is Required

Come into the Operating Theatre

The Operating Table has all sorts of Adjustments

Care to lie down ?

What you can see with an Endoscope

The Back Yard leads to four "boxes"

Philippa & Lisa nurse Solar Flare back from severe Stomach Problems

A lot of attention is needed

Meg is a new member of the family

Lisa demonstrates the Vetray X-Ray Imaging System

and measures the Angle of the Foot Bones

Some Tools of the Trade

The Side Yard

The New Sign

A Pub Meal to end the interesting day
Unfortunately Lisa is still back at the Clinic