Goons AGM 7-9 Apr06 Yarnfield Park STS

Some pictures by Gordon Adshead

(No time to remove some red-eye)
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The Excellent Yarnfield Accommodation


The Chairman gives the Annual Report

Richard Ratcliffe tells us about Methodist Records

The delegates

More delegates

Gordon Read earnestly describes Denominations & Dynasties

Excellent meals in the canteen

Peter Copsey and Howard persuade us to use the GMI

Who could refuse Howard's persuasion ?

More happy delegates

Dereck Palgrave introduces Colin Chapman to discuss Immigration

David Hawkins finds all sorts of interesting Criminal Records

The Yarnfield "Pole Field"

Returning to "Grassmere"

The President and Chairman welcome us to the Reception

The excellent Band

Peter Walker "WARPing"

Sunday Morning

Jeanne and John preparing to explain why the Internet has a "few problems"

Waiting for the Regional Reps Meeting

Sandra (left)gives the Regional Reps some Marching Orders while Tricia Bliss records

The Regional Reps spring into action

David Hawkins reading out some interesting Fire Insurance Records

Fire Records on display

Peter Higginbotham is an expert on Workhouses

The architecture of a typical Workhouse

Chris Pomery Gives us an interesting update on DNA experience since Oxford

How DNA can vary across Europe

Alan Savin makes DNA studies "simple"

More DNA Explanations
The end of a perfect Weekend