GOONS AGM and Conference 07

Basingstoke 13th - 15th April 2007

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The Smart Conference Facilities

Checking In


Howard's Bookstall

The Friday Evening Quiz

The Meeting Room

The Chairman gives his comprehensive Annual Report

The AGM - The Accounts are approved

Anne Shankland receives the Award for Best Web Site

Next year we will be in Devon

Maggie Bird tells us about Metropolitan Police Records

Pamila Horn discusses early Victorian Elementary Schools

Kathy Chater explores Black Ancestry

Alan Rushton is enthusiastic about the Dr Williams Library of Non-Conformist Records

Polly and Sandra "Networking"

The Reception

The Banquet is excellent

The Andy Dickens Jazz Band is well received

The President thanks the Band for some great music

Sandra Turner chairs the Regional Reps Meeting next morning

The Regional Reps

Kirsty helps Paul Blake to set up his presentation

who tells us how to research Families in British India

David Bartram gives us a personal journey "Beyond the Handwriting"

Lunch Outside

Lunch Inside

It is very pleasant outside

Nick Barratt gives us a very interesting look at making FH TV programmes

Paul Millington explains the mysteries of the GOONS WebSite

Howard announces the winner of his drama competition

Kisty is thanked for her excellent organisation

The President Closes another superb Annual Conference