Notes on the ADSHEAD Family History

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The aim is to collect together all I know about all the ADSHEADs in the World.

I have registered variants ADSHEAD:-  ADSHADE, & ADSETT with the Guild of One Name Studies:
See the Profile of the One-Name Study

There is a Newsgroup for persons interested in sharing information on ADSHEADs by sending E-Mail to < but first you have to register with Yahoo by going to and registering under Adshead or click on the join button below.    There is also in the Yahoo Group a file area containing a growing set of files, indexes, photos, trees etc. listing ADSHEADs and other relevant information.

There is also a Newsgroup (not preferred) at  I don't like this because it suppresses the E-Mail origin of the contributors, who are thus unable to communicate privately.   However some may prefer this level of anonymity.

Basic Facts on the ADSHEADs

There are roughly 3000 ADSHEADs Worldwide.    Nearly 30% of these still live in the Stockport Cheshire area of England.   It is fairly certain that the surname originated in North East Cheshire.   My grandmother always suggested that the name was derived from "Adze-Head" - where an Adze is a form of Axe with its head at right angles to the shaft, suitable for cutting small branches off a tree trunk.   However it is much more likely that the name originated from a farm possibly near Adlington or Adswood.   I am sure many know a lot more about the origins that I do, and I am hoping to make contact with them as soon as possible.

See an extended version at

Searchable ADSHEAD BMD Indexes

I have extracted all the Birth Marriage & Death entries from the UK General Registers, FreeBMD, local BMDs. the VRI, and some Parish Registers, newspaper cuttings and miscellaneous indexes and added feedback contributed by members of the ADSHEAD group.
There are a surprising number of differences between these sources, but where it is reasonably certain, I have combined them to provide better information about any one person.
Note: these lists are strictly indexes and users should always refer to the original sources to be sure of facts.   The full files are available to any member of the Yahoo ADSHEAD Group.

These may be searched by going to:-
ADSHEADBirthIndex   8600 records    years 1583-partial-1837-most-2012
ADSHEADMarriageIndex   6700 records   years 1525-partial-1837-most-2012
ADSHEADDeathIndex  6900 records   years 1568-partial-1837-most-2012

I will be very grateful to receive any feed back to increase the accuracy of content of these indexes.


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Updated 4 Dec 2015